SHW Design and Hoshizaki offer joint contribution to Dive London / by Gareth Sefton

As a legacy of the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic games, the London Aquatics Centre has become the leading facility for aquatics sports in the UK. 

Opened to the public in March 2014, the excellent facility boosts two 50-metre indoor competition pools, a 25-metre diving pool and state-of-the-art gym and fitness facilities. 

The centre is home to the Dive London Aquatics Club, which in conjunction with British Diving, offers a pathway for individuals looking to progress from the Tom Daley Academy through competing regionally, nationally and internationally. The club represents 72 divers with experience ranging from club level through to Olympic standard divers. 

“The London Aquatic Centre is one of the best equipped diving facilities in the world. It’s like a one stop shop for our athletes, complete with a dry land diving and strength conditioning space as well as a complete physio, therapy and rehab area,” comments Jane Figueiredo, High Performance Head Coach at Dive London. “By having everything we need in one place, we can help our athletes become as efficient as possible.” 

“I arrived at Dive London in 2014, having coached diving teams around the world. Bringing together all my experience into one place, I knew how vital the recovery phase is for our divers.” 

One of the most essential elements to recovery for a professional diver is ice. Helping with everything from reducing swelling and soreness immediately after a session, to speeding up recovery and rehabilitation following an injury. 

“Ice is integral to recovery, especially after a session on the 10 metre board,” Jane continues. “We fill small bags with ice, and use cling film to hold it tightly in place, generating a cold compression on the triceps and legs in particular. Left for 15-20 minutes, the ice really does deliver significant benefits to our team.”

Collaborating with Gareth Sefton, Managing Director at SHW Design Ltd, Dive London benefited from a joint contribution with leading ice machine manufacturer, Hoshizaki, to obtain an IM-45CNE-HC air-cooled, cube machine. 

“Gareth has had a long association with Dive London and as such, understands the benefit of
ice to our athletes. Through his company, SHW Design, he was able to recommend, source and install a Hoshizaki ice machine for the club,” explains Jane. “Before we had the Hoshizaki machine, we’d have to pre-order ice, but now we have it on demand, which is great for training as well as competitions and events.” 

Hoshizaki Case Study - London Aquatics Centre (13).jpg

In addition to reducing swelling and soreness after a session at the pool, ice is being used at Dive London to help speed up recovery following injury, particularly where a sprain or strain has ensued. 

“The combination of ice and compression has been medically proven to help promote healing in a whole range of injuries. For us, this is vital to speed up the recovery process and has been widely used on everything from achilles tendon concerns through to sprained wrists, shoulders and knees which can be commonplace in professional diving.” 

On the Hoshizaki ice machine, Jane remarks:  “We’re delighted with the Hoshizaki machine and the benefits it has had to our team. Despite being a compact size and design, the IM-45CNE-HC is more that adequate for our needs and even if it does run low during a big competition or event, we know that it will refill with ice quickly.” 

Hoshizaki Case Study - London Aquatics Centre (36).jpg

Looking ahead to the future, Jane’s desire to make ice an even more prominent part of training is evident, concluding: “The next step for Dive London is to see how we can incorporate an ice bath into our facilities here at the Aquatics Centre. This will enable us to use ice even more effectively, targeting the whole body, before we focus on individual muscles. When the time comes to consider this next step, I would be sure to put Hoshizaki and the services of SHW Designs forward to come up with a suitable solution for our requirements.” 

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