SHW develop accurate and seamless flow of kitchen areas in London's Mandrake Hotel / by Gareth Sefton

SHW Design were first appointed to work on The Mandrake Hotel’s restaurant project in 2013, beginning with initial concepts and working until its completion in the summer of 2017.

Situated in the heart of London’s West End, The Mandrake Hotel offers a 5-star, luxury hotel experience with art and culture at the forefront, something which is reflected in the design, the bespoke rooms and the dining experience.

The design team at SHW Design were appointed to design an all-day kitchen for the hotel’s Serge et le Phoque restaurant, which would serve up French-style food using the finest ingredients and also supply the hotel’s room service.

Working closely with restauranteurs Fred Peneau and Charles Pelletier, SHW Design also completed work on the hotels’s function and dining areas, bar support pantries and the terrace bars situated throughout the hotel.

At every stage of the project, our designers ensured that the result of the project would accurately and seamlessly flow with the flamboyant personality of the Mandrake Hotel. 

One of the key challenges faced when working on this project was ‘future-proofing’ the kitchen area, with additional work being carried out in early 2018, adding on a dedicated breakfast kitchen - something which was coordinated with M&E consultants and architects.

This required the design specialists to plan in the services and ventilation ready for the installation of this new kitchen, which will be a supplement to the main kitchen and give support to the bar areas.

Owner of the Mandrake Hotel, Rami Fustok, said: “SHW Design were extremely patient and accommodation when completing the design project. They were impressively knowledgeable on what needed to be done and have delivered a fantastic end product.”

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