We're celebrating National Apprenticeship Week! / by Gareth Sefton

This week it is National Apprenticeship Week, and we are proud in supporting young hospitality apprentices with our outstanding apprenticeship scheme.

National Apprenticeship Week takes place from 5th - 9th March, where employers, including us, and apprentices from across the country will celebrate the success of apprenticeships and the opportunities they provide.

This is the eleventh year of National Apprenticeship Week, and this year the theme is ‘Apprenticeships work’.

At SHW, we run a successful apprenticeship scheme for young people wanting to pursue a career in the hospitality industry, which is also part of our commitment in helping the industry grow and expand with fresh, young professionals. 

We now have three apprentices who are members of the SHW Design team, where they have learned how to support our team’s design consultants and gained valuable experience in every aspect of the business.

Our latest apprentice is James Peeke, who is working as an Apprentice CAD Technician. With the help and support of our scheme, James has learned how to produce professional concept designs and schedules, as well as learning how we operate in the strategy, design and implementation areas of the business.

Gareth Sefton, SHW’s managing director, said: “We are extremely proud of the positive impact our apprenticeship programme has had for young people, and we will be joining in with the celebrations and events National Apprenticeship Week will be organising.

“Our apprenticeship programme was designed for those looking to start their career in the hospitality industry, and we have encouraged many young people to sign up since it was established.

“National Apprenticeship Week is a great way for us to further encourage more young individuals to follow their career aspirations in working in the hospitality industry. If this is something they feel strongly about, we advise people to get in touch with us to find out how they can get involved.”

To find out more about National Apprenticeship Week, visit gov.uk.

To find out more information about SHW’s apprenticeship scheme or if you would like to apply, call 01322 420050 or drop us an email at london@shw-design.com

Our Director, Gareth Sefton, is committed to encouraging young talent into the hospitality industry.

Our Director, Gareth Sefton, is committed to encouraging young talent into the hospitality industry.