SHW launch the #WeCanCook Challenge! / by Gareth Sefton

At SHW Design we're proud to deliver innovative kitchen design, but despite our expertise, not all of us cook!

As a way of getting more of the SHW staff into the kitchen our Director, Gareth, has launched the #WeCanCook Challenge which encourages the design team to pop on their aprons over the weekend.

Gareth will be handing out a different recipe every week for the team to produce over the weekend, before bringing in photos of their dishes on a Monday morning.

In our field, cooking is the key to designing the perfect kitchen, and although we're encouraging staff to cook at home in a domestic environment, a lot of synergy can be taken into the commercial process and flows. 

This is a also a brilliant way to not only develop their culinary skills, but also enjoy a good, home cooked meal with friends and family.

The challenge started off easy, with staff putting their own spin on the ingredients, chicken and tomatoes. 

Jack Luckings, James McCombie and Ryan Hutchinson presented some of the tastiest images, but Ryan's dish was declared the winner!

Make sure you check back each week to see what storm the SHW team have been cooking up, this weekend it's going to be meatballs and tomato sauce.